Earth, what we humans depend upon for our very survival, and humanity are drowning in serious problems from the obesity epidemic, systemic health issues, and unaffordable healthcare to climate change, rising oceans, and a heavily polluted environment to white privilege, racism, genderism, sexism, and other forms of discrimination to wealth inequality and economic, executive, legislative, judicial, and political woes and corruption and the like.

Based on true events, the Over Privileged White Guy book addresses these serious diverse problems with clear ideas and solutions for moving humanity forward into a truly sustainable future.

Obesity, including the skinny fat phenomenon, is a worldwide epidemic and science has struggled to date to realize a viable solution. What has not been given enough credit in the research to find a solution is Muscle Mass. Every human body, in general, is born with 650 muscles and 33 vertebrae, but depending on the body type not all those vertebra(e) and muscle(s)/muscle mass are fully developed. The more lacking in development the muscle(s)/muscle mass and posture/vertebra(e) extension, the weaker the body type—one of The Four Body Types. Body type goes hand-in-hand with variables like soul, star power (talent, skill, ability), IT Factor (presence, charisma, charm) and such.

Currently being considered for the New York Times Best Selling New Book List in 2020, the Over Privileged White Guy book approaches things from a unique spiritual and scientific point of view, introducing the concept of the spiritual scientist. Read the Advanced Mobile Version of the book online in the convenient, safe, and secure PDF viewer.





“As a black person growing up in America, it has been disconcerting to say the least to see so much white privilege everywhere yet so few white people admitting that it or racism even exists. That and learning more about my body type, which is probably a Body Type One, made the read enjoyable. Great price too!”

Carmen Jones, Illinois

“Over Privileged White Guy is a pleasantly surprising book. Learning that I am a Body Type Two has opened my eyes to why I have struggled my entire life to keep the fat and weight off my stomach area. I have tried every diet and exercise routine out there and have not found the relief I desire. I would like to know more about the researchers Process so I can better understand how to manage my body type.”

Evette Weiss, New York

“Figuring out I am a Body Type Four is both discouraging and encouraging at the same time. Years in and out of obesity clinics and doctors care and I am still over 400 pounds. Diets and exercise have helped little. Thanks for the helpful info and free version.”

George Newton, Mississippi